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Stephanie Pike

Portrait Photographer

Hi!  I'm Stephanie Pike, the photographer behind Chasing Embers Portraiture (formerly SDJ² Photography). I've lived right here in Southern Indiana my entire life. Born and raised in Lawrence County, I now live in Scottsburg with my husband and bonus kids. I love art, tattoos, nature, bees, sunflowers, Fall, Halloween, pumpkin everything, bright colors, and all things vintage (especially vintage cameras and typewriters) and grungy (think ripped jeans, alleyways, peeling paint, rust, and urban doorways). As a former gifted and talented kid (Read: Neuro-spicy adult) and member of the alphabet (LGBTQIA+) mafia, I like making connections with those who have always felt "other" or on the outside.  Anyone can make the gorgeous popular kids look and feel good, I want to capture the beauty of EVERYONE.  Let me show you the beauty I see in *YOUR* spirit.

I specialize in Senior Portraits. My favorite thing is showing someone the beauty I see in them through my lens.  I want to give you confidence, to show you your true beauty, and to empower you through the process of creating beautiful portraits. I want to encourage you to be bold, to be beautiful, to be YOU.

I can't wait to work with you! Message me today to book your session!

Stephanie Pike

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